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Fried Chicken @ Jollibee

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Do you know Jollibee? Jollibee is a fast food restaurant and more popular than Macdonald. I fell in love with it when I wen to Cebu in May. Cheap, delicious and quick! You must try it.


Jollibee is a fast food restaurant like MacDonalds. It is located in shopping malls and along the road. The Jollibee at SM City in Cebu had casher lane for elderly people and take out.
The Jollibee located along the streets had two floors, and there was a security staff in front of the door. I didn’t see anyone on the second floor, and it was hot because the air conditioner wasn’t working. The Jollibee is very popular, so you’ll see it anywhere in the Philippines.


The menu list is below.


You can see the menu list above the casher.

The food menu is

  • Hamburger
  • Fried chicken
  • Spaghetti
  • Soft cream and so on.

Some websites says that spaghetti is too sweet for Japanese people, so I didn’t try it.


How to order

Each menu has the number, so you tell it to the staff.


Iced tea is too sweet!!

When I went to the Jollibee during the lunch time, coke was run out. I had two options, and I ordered iced tea. It was too sweet. I usually drink non-sugar soft drinks, so I might have felt that it was too sweet.
If you don’t like sweet soft drinks, I recommend that you bring water.


What I ate

I am going to show you what I ate. I had eaten Jollibee four times within two weeks, hahaha.


Fried chicken : spicy

I ate spicy fried chicken at first. You can choose the plain or spicy. Spicy was very spicy, and I liked it. It was very crispy.
The food lapped with paper is rice. You can eat it with gravy sauce. Everyone eats it in that way.



Beef tapa

I ate beef tapa for breakfast. The rice is fried with garlic. I was very happy because I could eat garlic in the morning. If you are worried about the smell of garlic, please try other meals. There are many meals for breakfast.
I ate it at the Jollibee in Talamban in the morning, but 80 % seats were taken. Very popular!!



ジョリビーで朝ごはん。ビーフタパ。ガーリックライスがおいしかった。 Breakfast at Jollibee. Beef tapa #jolibee #beeftapa #cebuphilippines #breakfast

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I forgot to take the picture. It was so so. You should eat fried chicken at the Jollibee.


I love fried chicken

Jollibee is cheap and yummy, and many students stay there. I might have lunch there and study with my friends.
I really like the fried chicken. There are many delicious meals in the Philippines, so I should exercise harder.