A Girl in Cebu

A Japanese girl in Cebu talks about her travels and school life.

Apply to university⑥enrollment procedure

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There is only one procedure left. Since I had few days in Cebu, I did the enrollment procedure within a day.


Two Woman Chatting

I wanted to have an interview when I received the result of the entrance exams, but I had the interview the following day because my course is located in Talamban. I went to the campus at 8 a.m.
Firstly, I went to the building where my course is and told a staff that I wanted to have an interview. I went to the office and got the certificate of acceptance.


Go to the main campus

Next, I went to the downtown campus. It is troublesome that my course is located in Talamban. Foreign students have some procedure done at the international students’ office, so we need to move. I couldn’t get Grab easily in Talamban.
I received the clearance for enrollment at the international students’ office. I gave 9 pieces of pictures and 17,000 pesos for my student visa.


Where you can take your picture

You can take the picture at a shop in front of the main campus, but it’s difficult to find it. Please ask a security staff near the shop. He kindly took me to near the shop. However, the shop was closed because the printer broke.
The shop staff told me another place. The shop is Toronix at Emall on the third floor. The shop was open. Please tell the staff that you need 9 pieces.
There is ATM at Emall, so you can withdraw cash for your student visa.


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Go back to Talamban, Resister's Office

I got my clearance for enrollment and went back to Talamban, Resister’s office.
I submitted a document and one piece of picture. While the staff was typing my information, I went to a room above the Resister’s office to get Student manual. It is necessary for our medical check and fitness classes.
I got a list of procedure and I did as it is.


Enrollment fee

1 Us Bank Note

I paid 3000 pesos at the accounting office. It is located on the first floor where near the entrance. You use the same machine to make your receipt when you paid the exam fee. A security staff helped me.
A waiting number was printed on the receipt. 20 people were waiting before me. You can use your credit card.


Go back to the interview room

I went back where I had an interview. I received the schedule of first semester. I could already use the website for students.


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Student ID

I created my student ID card on the basement where the accounting office is. I borrowed a uniform and took a picture. I will receive it in July or August.


Medical checkup

Person Using Black Blood Pressure Monitor

We have two types of medical checkups. Since a counselor was absent, I was told to come back later.

The second one includes

  • Physical check
  • Visual inspection
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Dental examination
  • Internal medicine examination


Apply to a dormitory

I finished all the enrollment procedure, so I went to the dormitory. You walk from Resister’s office to the mountain and find it on your right. An admin staff showed me around the dormitory. The dorm had four types of rooms.

  • Single
  • Share with four people
  • Aircon
  • No aircon

If you have a laptop or a tablet, you need to pay extra fee. In addition, you need to pay additional fee to use wi-fi. No kitchen, no fridge. You can eat breakfast if you pay.
My Filipino friend told me that the dorm is very safe. You can sleep with the window open.


Successfully done

I managed to finish everything. My friend showed me around the campus in advance, so I smoothly did the enrollment procedure.
The school staff members are very kind. If you have questions, you ask them. They will kindly help you.