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Why Do Japanese People Love Americans?

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My foreign friends asked me this question. I guess that you guys are also curious about it.I'll give you some of my guesses.


Flag Of America

Why do Japanese people like Americans very much?


After WWII, America set up an institution called GHQ. GHQ fixed our law, education and society. Therefore, America is our teacher and our role model.

Why don't we respect America?


White people

The majority of Americans are white. We want what we don't have, so colored people like us admire white people, Americans. If you aren't white, we don't recognize you as an American. In some way, we are very racist.


English speakers

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As you know, we aren't good English speakers. If you plan to visit Japan, don't expect us to speak English. You'll definitely have difficulties to communicate with us.

Therefore, we respect people who speak English fluently. In fact, some Americans who just graduated from universities can easily find a job here. They can get working permission easily, and their salary is pretty good.


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Why do we NOT hate Americans?

I was surprised to know that many people abroad dislike Americans. I know that some people still hate us due to the bad history. I'm going to give you my opinions.


The war ended long time ago.

Soldier Holding Rifle

It's been over 70 years since the war ended up. Most Japanese people hadn't experienced it, and most of us haven't gotten injured or killed. Therefore, we don't have any reason to hate Americans except people who have recently killed or attacked us.


We don't teach children how bad Americans are.

As far as I remember, my teachers didn't say anything bad about Americans. I leaned just the fact. My grandparents who were children during the wartime, haven't blamed Americans, even though my granduncle was killed in the war.

Since I don't live in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, I don't hate Americans. I don't love Americans though.



America is our role model, and we have learned from America and that improved us. If you are American and you visit Japan, it'll be comfortable to stay in Japan.

I might have been critical about America, but I don't mean that I hate America. I am a very easy going person.